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The following Terms and Phrases should be considered as having the associated meanings when used in the context of this site. Note that you can retrieve any of these definitions anywhere on the site where you see a small gray question mark next to the TermTerm by clicking on it.

The acronym used to identify the San Mateo AYSO Region 36 Referees
The relationship between a specific Match Position and a Referee or the steps and actions necessary to create that relationship.
A User with the responsibility to coordinate and facilitate assignment of Referees to Matches.
A database table containing a single entry for each significant action that takes place on the site.
A subset of the teams in a Level.
A program operating in a Visitor's system to use the internet to ask for pages from the site.
A specific combination of values associated with data elements that permits you to select or filter a subset of entries that meet your needs.
An online, searchable list of the Users.
Feedback to a Referee from an observer of an Assignment.
Feedback to a Referee from a qualified Mentor about an Assignment.
A physical area at a Location where a scheduled Match will occur between two Teams. A pitch.
Interactive Site
Is a phrase used to describe the combination of concepts, functions, and pages that are collected together and placed on an Internet Web Server with the specific intention of meeting a single RidgeStar Client's requirements for administering their operations in real-time.
The combination of machines, wires, and protocols cooperatively combined and servicing standardized protocols to share information and facilities among multiple systems and people.
A suggestion, question, or problem report associated with a RidgeStar supported Client Site.
A grouping of Teams by age as in U12, U14.
A geographic place with a street address that contains one or more Fields, or conference rooms.
A Site based mechanism designed to permit information requests to travel back and forth between Users of AYSO36. It is NOT intended to be a replacement for the traditional Internet Email protocol or mechanism. It is a supplemental site function intended to serve the Users of and facilitate improved communications.
A scheduled competition between two Teams officiated by a Referee.
Match Report
The act of reporting completion of an Assignment by a Referee. The Match Report is the basis for collecting the results of a Match and for noting which referees actually worked which matches.
Identifies the Assignment process that will be used for a specific Position on a specific Match. The Method value can be:
None - The position will NOT be filled
Manual - The Position is not eligible for SelfAssign and will be manually filled by an Assignor.
SelfAssign - The Position is available via the SelfAssign process to any Referee that passes the SelfAssign Rules.
A short informational type message to a User about an activity that has occurred on the Site.
An operational setting, value, or indication about how the should operate. Normally, an Option is defined via the Options table in the database and can contain one or more settings related to:
Criteria - The saved search argument values for an individual User
Methods - The default settings for AssignmentMethod for new Matches.
Ranks - The default value for Match Rank for new Matches.
Rules - Operational settings for the SelfAssign rules.
Settings - Site wide variable values that can be modified by the Webmaster.
Represents the resulting HTML from a PHP Script's execution AND all the accompanying elements (.GIF, .JPG, .CSS, etc. files). Each Page from each the Site has a URL, and an identifying Name.
A named Value associated with a series of Match related conditions (creates a correspondence between a data value with a grouping of Matches based upon key characteristics, like League, Level, Division, etc.). Used in SelfAssign and Turnback Rule processing and anywhere else requiring grouping on Match related characteristics.
A reference to the general responsibilities a Referee accepts when receiving an Assignment. Typically, a Match might require the Positions named Ref (Center Official), AR1, AR2, and possibly a Mentor.
Establishes a Role relationship between a User and a maskable set of characteristics (as a User to an Level, etc.)
A reference to the set of data elements and information associated with a single User of the Site. This is where each User stores individualized information and indicates his/her preference for information publication in the Directory.
RidgeStar Facility Number, is the distinct numeric value that identifies a specific Facility at a specific Location across all RidgeStar client Sites. The RFN is unique, is never changed, and can be stored in a Client site to associate a Client Field or Room with a centerally defined RidgeStar Facility. See for more information.
A numeric value that establishes the expected complexity and/or difficulty level of a specific Match or a numeric value establishing the difficulty level a specific Referee has mastered.
Describes a User of the Site that is licensed to officiate at a sanctioned Match.
Referee Management Site
A phrase used to describe the combination of concepts, functions, and pages that are collected together and placed on an Internet Web Server with the specific intention of meeting a single Chapter's requirements for administering Chapter operations.
The RidgeStar active demonstration site of an Interactive Site specifically designed to meet the requirements of a Referee Chapter involved with assigning Licensed Referees to available Match Assignments. It operates on the web at
The pseudonym used for the company responsible for designing, implementing, and providing professional operations support for an Interactive Operations Site utilizing the Internet's Web services.
A specific condition associated with SelfAssign, Turnback, etc. that must be true in order for the action requested to continue.E.G. The "Available" Rule verifies that the Position being requested is not already assigned to another Referee.
San Mateo AYSO Region 36 Referees
The name of this website, dedicated to providing volunteer referees for the San Mateo AYSO program.
A site User charged with the responsibilities of managing Fields, locations and their assignment to host Matches for a portion of Season
A named portion of the Site that collects functions and pages related to a specific Role in a common portion of the site.
The actions a Referee takes to get the Site to determine if s/he is eligibled for a specific Assignment. If eligible, the Referee can cause the Site to complete the Assignment (essentially, permitting the Referee to assign himself/herself the Assignment).
Identifies a physical RidgeStar system operating a copy of the Apache HTTP Daemon that responds to Internet based requests for service.
Defined by PHP. Essentially, uniquely identifies a single Browser's interaction with a single PHP based Site.
An operational value that controls one or more aspects of the Site's operation. Stored in the Options table, Settings are normally managed by the Webmaster.
The specific combination of files containing script (PHP) and graphics (PNG, JPG, GIF) available through the HTTP protocol that are combined to meet [clasSite]'s requirements.
The unique combination of personal data elements that uniquely identifies a single User to the Site. This might be a combination of the User's First and Last names.
Is a term used to describe the type of covering that is on the Field.
Used to describe the basic operating system environment of a Visitor, Browser, or Server.
A group of kids, a volunteer coach, some soccer balls, all in the same color uniform.
Typically used to indicate a specific Time of Day (local time zone). When used in a Criteria box, Morning means between midnight and 11:59am, Midday means 10:00am to 4:00pm, Afternoon means 12:00pm to 5:29pm, Evening is between 5:30pm to 11:59pm, EarlyEvening is between 5:30pm to 7:30pm, LateEvening means 7:30pm to 10:00pm. Topic
The act of returning a current Referee Assignment to the pool of available Positions for other Referees to assign themselves to. User
A general term used to describe a single Internet user somewhere using a program (usually a Browser) to access a Site page on a RidgeStar server.
A User charged with the overall responsibility for the general operation of the
Comma separated variable ,typically read by a spreadsheet program
Portable document format,read by Acrobat reader